Madewell Completely Revamps Their Denim

The denim bar at Madewell is always one of our first stops at the store. The tidy rows of color-coded jeans fit unlike anything else we've ever tried on (you know — The Insouciantly Baggy, The Tight But Not Too Tight, The Just-Right Crop…), and always came in washes that were the perfect mix of vintage and modern. Thought it couldn't get any better? It might be time to pay their denim another visit.
Today, Madewell is launching a completely revamped denim collection that's made with a new fabric that's both stretchier and sturdier, and comes in a new fit that promises to do "life-altering things to [your] rearview." The brand also claims to have solved the 6 p.m. bag-out situations with a snap-back fabric that holds its shape after a long day of moving. The jeans will retail from $115 to $128 and will be available today (lucky you!) in 12 washes in four different styles.
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