Wanna Dump Your Boyfriend? There’s An App For That

UPDATE: Okay, so you sent that breakup text and now you regret it. The minds behind Breakup Text are now offering Makeup Text, the answer to your Really. Awkward. Problem. Free for a limited time on iTunes, Makeup Text gives you the chance to win back whomever you hastily decided to kick to the curb. Not sure how to explain yourself? Makeup Text offers three, totally believable excuses. Simply choose from: something shiny caught your eye, you lost interest, or you were kidnapped by Russians. Either way, you're golden.
Is there anything worse than having to break up with someone? Sure, when your S.O. has done something of deal-breaking proportions, it's easy to shout a dramatic, "We're OVER." But more often than not, things just aren't working out, nor will they ever. And one of you has to have the chutzpah to end it, which really, really sucks. For those seeking the easy way out, there's now an app to suit your cowardly needs: BreakUp Text.
Designed to eliminate that final, uncomfortable, face-to-face conversation, BreakUp Text is basically an emotional Mad Libs. Fill out the person's name, how serious you got, and why you'd like to end it. Then, the app will do your dirty work by texting your partner that you are never, ever getting back together. And for those who acknowledge how horrible it is to end things via text, you can choose the "I've been eaten by a bear" option, so they'll never come looking for you. (Brokelyn)

Photos: Via Apple Store