Vintage Chanel On Sale! Hope You’ve Been Stashing Those Pennies

The Monday after a holiday weekend is never easy. But, if you're on that second cup of coffee and lamenting the return to the daily grind, we think we found just the pick-me-up you need: L.A.'s beloved vintage shop What Goes Around Comes Around is having a sale and this one promises to be a doozy!
With 10% off vintage Chanel, 20% off the entire vintage in-store stock, and 50% off the WGACA collection, there's no way we'll be missing this one. Some of the discounts you may be able to score: Christian Dior from the '70s, Emilio Pucci from the '60s, and Comme des Garcons from the '90s — we told you this sale means business! It's going on now through the end of July, so you have some time to stash away those paychecks. Dior is calling your name.
When: Now through end of July
Where: What Goes Around Comes Around, 159 South La Brea Avenue (near West 1st Street); 323-933-0250.

Photo: Courtesy of What Goes Around Comes Around.