Miley Cyrus Does Miami, “Pretty Woman” Style

miley dressbod
Another day, another scandal Miley Cyrus narrowly misses. Over the weekend, Cyrus slipped her body into a Pretty Woman-inspired dress that got a lot of people talking. Huffington Post believes she may have taken her whole grown-up wardrobe a little too far this time, but who's to say what's age appropriate and what's not? Cyrus tweeted a picture with the caption "Pretty woman...Twerkin down the street." The pic shows a blinged out Cyrus and friend posing in front of their hotel mirror holding what we're going to safely assume is a soda on ice.
The starlet has been down in Miami for the Miami Music Festival and showing the world that she really can't stop whatever it is she's doing — which, if we harp back to her pop-opus "See You Again," she's "just being Miley." Anyway, Cyrus' call-out to Julia Robert's hooker dress might strike an awkward chord, simply because she was born two years after Pretty Woman came out. If we're going to slut-shame Cyrus for donning a dress like this, why aren't we doing it to anyone else who wears a skimpy dress? Sure, she may be asking for the backlash by directly referencing the film, but she's young and she's having fun. What's age appropriate and what's not is all subjective. So, let her ride this phase out and do her thing. She can't stop, but the backlash certainly can. (Huffington Post)