L.A.’s Super-Gorg SoKo Dishes Her Tips For That Carefree, French Beauty

We like it when criminally gorgeous girls are down-to-earth and totally BFF-worthy, too — you know, the type to admit that when they're feeling down, they grab a mani/pedi at a nearby nail salon, et al. What can we say? It makes us feel like some things are right in the world, because, well, us too.
So, our latest girl crush is SoKo, a French-transplant living in L.A. who is both musician (check out 2013's "I Thought I Was An Alien") and actress. While visiting New York City, she sat down with Into the Gloss and spilled the deets on loving Los Angeles, the makeup and scent she relies on to feel gorgeous, and even some drastic thinking regarding new hairstyles (definitely been there). Plus, girl has got style in spades — from her vintage "RAP" baseball cap to the coolest denim jacket you'll probably ever see in your entire life — seriously. All in all, an inspiring visit thanks to Emily & co. over at ITG! (Into the Gloss)

Photo: Courtesy of Into the Gloss.