Meet The "Minimum Wage" Dress — All £3.68 Of It

New acronym alert! Meet the MWD, or “Minimum Wage Dress”, that has just gone on sale at, priced at a rather paltry £3.68. The frock is said to target hard-working women in low-salaried jobs, as it is designed to “enable ladies to look super sophisticated, no matter how little cash they have to spare.” This is reflected in the dress's price, which is the same as an hour of work for an under-18 year-old.
Granted, it’s a bargain, and it isn’t that bad, but we have a tough time understanding how the company might break even on this dress without, well, exploiting workers being paid less than a minimum wage. According to director, Nick Puri, it’s all very legit. “We fully support British manufacturing and are dedicated to working with UK-based suppliers, despite being able to source cheaper production rates overseas.” Hmm. Dedicated, eh? We would love to hear how much the happy manufacturers in Leicester are earning, as surely somebody is getting a sore deal — along with Mother Nature, that is. We all want affordability, but is this the pinnacle of disposable fashion?
But, for £3.68, we suppose you can't really expect much more than half a dress.... (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail

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