Cheap Thrill: $15 For All The Perks Of Being A Wall(paper) Flower

For $15 you can buy fro-yo for you and a buddy, a new paperback for the beach, or a bottle of sunscreen. But scoring a real summer essential for under a Jackson is a bit of a trickier task. That was, of course, until we laid our eyes on the Celia Birtwell shorts from Uniqlo. In a shape that drapes more like a skirt than a pair of Bermudas, these little steals come in an array of florals that are pretty enough to plaster on the walls, but so much better for wearing in the sun.
While the under-$15 price tag looks to currently be a special promotion from Uniqlo (Aw, shucks. Thanks, guys.), these loose-fit shorts still regularly retail for just under $20. Break out those raffia wedges or your favorite slip-on sneaks — this is one cheap thrill we'll be wearing all summer.

Uniqlo Celia Birtwell Shorts, $14.90, available at Uniqlo.