Watch: Alexa Chung Shows Us A Few Of Her Favorite Things

We'd be lying if we said we'd never dreamt about getting manicures with Alexa Chung...or, hanging out with Alexa Chung in any capacity, for that matter. Recently, Harper's Bazaar's hilarious Laura Brown got the chance to hang with the model-slash-stylist-slash-mogul for an early morning mani date (complete with girl talk!), and we are all kinds of jealous.
Aside from discussing potential names for Alexa's book-in-the-making (Much Too Chung? Live Fast, Die Chung?) and her Fuse News office decorations, Alexa revealed what makes her tick. Watch below as Alexa gabs about all her favorite things (think makeup and retro cameras), and looks back on some of her best (and worst!) red carpet moments. (Harper's Bazaar)

Photo/Video: Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar