The Next Joan Rivers? Karlie Kloss Talks Red-Carpet Reporting At The Grammys

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That Karlie Kloss! She sure knows how to get our attention. Much like her supermodel peers Coco Rocha and Heidi Klum, to name a few, KK is more than just a model — she's a personality! True, those long legs and perfect features gave her quite a head start, but now she's expanding her sights beyond the runway, and building a career that looks like it'll last a long time. Her latest project? Red-carpet reporting for the Grammys, as part of the newly revamped version of the classic MTV show House of Style.
She's definitely got some interviewing experience under her belt, but this is a whole new gig. While we love our Joanie and some Matt Lauer action, the prospect of a new face on this very public carpet is pretty exciting! We sat down with the supermodel-cum-reporter of the moment for a quick chat on style icons, Adele, and being taller than absolutely everyone. (Hard life, right?)

So, you must be pretty busy right now, what with the Grammys and fashion week!

"I feel like I got a 'get out of jail free' card! It's an incredible opportunity to go out to the Grammys and be part of that excitement. I'll be back in New York next week for a few shows, but I'm realy excited to head [to L.A.] this weekend."

Did you watch red-carpet coverage growing up?

"Of course! I'd always watch all the red-carpet events on TV with my sisters, it was always fun. At the time I wasn't quite as fashionably in touch as I am now, so I really had no idea what the stars were wearing. I just remember lying on the floor watching the Grammys, watching the Oscars, and the MTV Music Awards. It's going to be crazy not only to be there in person, but also to experience it with the knowledge of fashion I have now."

Is there anyone you're particularly excited to talk to?

"The list of nominees this year is incredible. A lot of my favorites are coming! I'm a huge Rihanna fan, huge Adele fan, huge Taylor Swift fan, even! To have the chance to meet and speak with Adele would be a dream. She's such an incredible woman, role model, and artist. I'm also excited to see what Rihanna will wear. She's obvioulsy an incredible artist, too, but she's also a trendsetter. I met her at the last Victoria's Secret show, where she performed. I love her sense of style, she's so edgy and avant garde. She's daring, and that makes the red carpet more interesting. It can get redundant, with the same big, fancy gowns. That's the thing about musicians, I think they have more daring style."

Speaking of, do you know what you're gonna wear? "I do! I think it's top secret...I tried on my outfit yesterday, and it's gorgeous."

Some red-carpet critics can get really harsh. Will you take that route? If not, how will you approach it?

"I don't know, to be honest! I'm just going to play it by ear, I don't have experience with these kind of interviews. I'll just let it happen naturally. I'll probably be flying by the seat of my pants a bit. But, I think it's a difficult situation for a musician, an actress, or anyone who has the guts to step out onto the red carpet. You put yourself out there, and you're vulnerable. When you take that risk, you just need to wear something you feel incredibly confident and beautiful in. Everyone has different taste and style, it might not appeal to everyone, but as an individual when you're choosing your look, it depends on how you feel in what you're wearing. That's the key — you have to ignore the noise, ignore the critics, wear what you feel good in."

Who's your red-carpet style icon?

"Well, anyone wearing Marchesa. On the carpet, those are the most beautiful gowns. Georgina [Chapman] is beautiful, too, and she looks great in her own gowns. But I think everyone's had good and bad red-carpet moments. I think Angelina Jolie is someone who definitely knows how to get attention on the red carpet, but she usually does it in a classy way, so I always pay attention to her."


That's interesting, some critics have said her style is too neutral, even boring.

"I think what's really interesting is when an artist, a musician, or an actress takes interest in what's happening in high fashion. I like to see that interest in high fashion applied to the red carpet, rather than just a boring, prom-like dress. I do like to see something more edgy, less conservative, even if critics don't appreciate it."

You've been on both sides. Do you prefer interviewing, or being interviewed?

"It's completely different. To be honest, I'm a very curious person, I like asking questions, so I think I prefer at times to be on your side, to be asking the questions. You have to be well-prepared, and do your research. You have to be well-spoken. I have a new appreciation for journalists and hosts after my experience with House of Style. It's harder than it looks to do your job!"

We can't wait to see you talk to Justin Timberlake!

"Me neither! I think I'm going to be blushing during that. Although, I'm sure I'm taller, so maybe he'll feel short and be blushing, too. That's the thing — all of Hollywood is about a foot shorter than me, so this is going to be really interesting. I may have to bring flats in my carry-on, just to have as a backup in case I'm totally towering over the rest of the world...which is definitely a likely possibility."

How do you feel about the entire world copying your hairstyle?

"It's kind of ironic! I don't know how it happened, I was ready for a change, I wanted a fresh look for the new year. I did the cut for Vogue, but I think that women all around the world can relate to that same feeling of wanting a new look for a new year. It's a cut that, I think, a lot of women can pull off and feel sexy and chic in. But it puts the pressure on to never have a bad hair day!"

Photos: Courtesy of MTV.


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