Alexa Chung Says She Is No Longer A Hipster, Peter Pan Collar Stocks Plummet

The endless discussion of who/what is a hipster might be the perennial discussion of our age (and as the author of this piece is a Williamsburg-dwelling blogger who actually has a real, live tattoo of an owl, she is endlessly fascinated with said topic). Alexa Chung, that Brooklyn-residing, bicycle-riding, saddle-shoe-wearing girl after our own heart was once the iconic 2010s "hipster," but, according to her, that time has ended.
"My tip is to not be one any more because I think it's a bit commercial to be a hipster then just turn commercial! That's the ultimate hipster you can be," Chung told Grazia at yesterday's British Fashion Awards. Considering Chung nabbed — for the third consecutive year — the Style Icon award, the Brit certainly knows what is hip, so if her trend forecasting is right, expect to see her tagging along with Carly Rae Jepsen, rocking some Michael Kors next season, and ditching her beloved style (and hipster) icon Jane Birkin.
We kid, but "hipster" or not, Alexa Chung has come to embody alternative, effortless, and fun style — all words that can be ostensibly used to define "hipster," and that's totally fine with her fans — and the British Fashion Council, too. Moreover, given the increasingly broad and diffused definition of the term, isn’t every under-35, urban-dwelling, vintage-loving rock fan some kind of hipster? Just sayin’.
Though, when asked who her preferred model would be if she ever launched her own brand, Chung cited Night Porter vixen and indie star Charlotte Rampling. Folks, that’s about as hipster as it gets. (Grazia)
Photo: Via Grazia

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