The Best Tweets From The Awe-Inspiring Event That Was Liz & Dick

Last night, America chewed its fingernails anxiously during the much-hyped premiere of Liz & Dick (we're talking advertisements on everything from Hudson News bags to the entire fleet of MTA buses). The return to screen by a beleaguered Lindsay Lohan had pretty much everything against it: A troublesome actress who looks older than she is, a non-primetime channel debut on Lifetime, and the intention to capture one of the most photographed, glamorous, and iconic women of all time. Of course, when there is so much potential for a trainwreck, Twitter can be relied upon to shine bright (like a diamond).
Quick review: The film has a diagetic framing device, which has Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton narrating and unpacking their relationship as it happens — removed from the events of the movie — an entirely ridiculous conceit. And, the script itself is pretty flimsy. But, every now and then, Lindsay turns to the camera and a flash of Liz shines through (usually when she is being playful or alone on screen, the "Hamlet" scene is a good example), even though the two sound nothing alike (a point of contention from critics). The costumes are also quite lovely. Yet, as our friends on Twitter pointed out, Lohan's past mistakes and character don't allow viewers to take this movie as, erm, seriously as a biopic about one of the most controversial affairs of all time should be taken.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime/Richard McLaren

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