We Talk Politics With The Best Couple Ever: Simon Doonan & Jonathan Adler

Simon Doonan and his husband, Jonathan Adler, enter any room as a fashionable whirlwind, filled with quips and jokes, observances and what can only be called "Doonan-isms" — when Simon says something cheeky and Jonathan jumps in to clarify. At the Tyra Banks-hosted Flawsome Ball, the couple showed up to support their friend (who pushed through paparazzi to ensure the trio got a photo opportunity), and took a few moments to talk about what has been on the style community's mind: The Doonan-titled "Fuchsia-Gate" and the great debate that is decor.

So, have you guys been keeping up with the debates?
Simon Doonan: "Oh, no. I've got voter fatigue. I just want to get on with the election. I can't watch one more stupid debate."
Jonathan Adler: "I watched, and what they said just reminds me of the Miss America pageants when they ask them the questions. But, the red, white, and blue color scheme was on point. The decor was incredible."

SD: "I love President Obama, I love Mrs. Obama, but this has gone on far too long. You know, in England, we just have two-party political broadcasts, and that's it. And then there's the election. What a time-waste and money-waste!"
JA: "What about all the undecided people? Like Simon said, we're Team Obama, and I just watch the debates for the cheap decor."


Did you see that both Ann Romney and Michelle Obama wore the exact same fuchsia?
JA: "Scandal!"
SD: "I knew that someone in the media, like you, would just have a brain aneurism and go insane. I thought, 'Oh, wait for the bloggers to pick up on this one.'"
JA: "Fuchsia-gate."

But, what does it mean?
SD: "They both like pink? Um, N-O-T-H-I-N-G."
JA: "Who knows?"
SD: "Whatever it is, it is certainly something sinister."

Photo: MediaPunch Inc/Rex USA