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Lady Gaga Digs Through The Versace Archives For “That Dress,” A ’90s Icon

Think back, if you will, to the time before the Internet, when you would have to have your breaking celebrity and fashion news delivered on the front pages of magazines and weekly papers. And before Gossip Girl and Austin Powers, and even the Hugh Grant scandal, Elizabeth Hurley was known as the beautiful woman who wore what was colloquially identified as "That Dress."
In what was one of the most memorable fashion moments of the 1990s, Hurley stepped out to the premiere of Four Weddings And A Funeral with her then-boyfriend Hugh Grant wearing a Versace safety pin dress. Impossibly sexy, the dress featured a cutout top and six safety pins holding the sides together. The garment, which Hurley had borrowed because she "couldn't afford to buy one," helped launch the actress into the limelight and is often named one of the most iconic red-carpet looks of all time.
Now, almost two decades later, Lady Gaga has taken up the mantle as the Versace girl, outspoken about her support of the Medusa-headed brand. And Donatella, herself, has opened up her vaults to Gaga, letting the singer wear vintage prints and beloved pieces of Gianni's. But Gaga, it appears, has dug deep: The singer stepped out in the exact dress worn by Hurley 17 years prior.
The gown is just as sexy and breathtaking as it was years ago, and Gaga breathes new life into it with massive wedges and '60s-esque hair and without the pin clutch, of course. While safety pins are nothing shocking in the world of Gaga, the dress looks just as evocative on Gaga as it did on Liz. Click through to check out the comparisons. (Huff Post)

Photo: Fame/Flynet