Trend Alert: Bodega-Chic Bags Look Like Paper, Are Actually Leather

Are you sad because that paper bag you drink your 40s out of isn't stylish enough? There's gotta be a better way! Well, there is. Maybe. Or at least a more expensive way. While Jil Sander and Margiela applied their own creative interpretations to this growing trend, L.A.-based brand Stampd has come out with a carrier that, while leather, looks exactly like a paper bag.
While we love having a bit of fun with our accessories, this is pretty out there, especially when you can pick one up for the low price of $0 pretty much anywhere. What do you think of the Bodega Bag? Would you shell out for this double take, or is it a waste of leather — not to mention money? If you are interested, you can pick one up for yourself here for $140. Jury's still out on whether it's acceptable to swig a 40 hidden inside this baby. (Hypebeast)

Photo: Courtesy of Stampd.

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