Jessica Biel Can Do No Wrong In Christian Dior

Guys, we're concerned. All of a sudden we went from admiring but not being terribly excited about Jessica Biel to falling absolutely in love with her. This can only mean one thing: Her publicists have achieved mind control. Or, possibly she's just really beautiful and has great style. Which one is it? We may never know.
Whatever the reason, we're completely head over heels for her pink Dior dress. Just when we thought we were getting over Raf Simons' premiere for the design house, Jessica joins the chain of celebrities (Marion Cotillard, for one) who prove that the collection's strength is not only its sheer beauty but its unbelievable wearability.
This is an unusual look for her, but she absolutely nailed it. Everything about the outfit is perfect. From the sharp shine in the shoes to the chunky accessories, it's the perfect balance of sugary sweetness and edgy accessorizing. Even her hair is the ideal mix of casual and sleek (and those cheekbones don't hurt, either). Are you feeling the love too?

Photo: Stewart Cook/Rex USA