Auf With Their Heads! Heidi Klum Calls Out Quitting Contestants

Fresh off filming Project Runway's 10th cycle (can you believe it!?), mommy-slash-model-slash-belle-toujours Heidi Klum stopped by Jimmy Fallon's late night news desk to share her take on the show's most recent drama: two contestants not only jumped ship, they went textbook AWOL. The almost-always grinning goddess host had some not-so-nice things to say about the craven contestants — who dipped out in the middle of the night without notice — telling Fallon that they were probably intimidated by the more competent designers this season. She even ultimately slapped them with the "coward" name card. Nevertheless, a jilted Klum totally kept her cool about their impromptu snub, revealing only one disappointment from the situation: "I didn't even get to auf wiedersehen them!" (Huffington Post)
Photo: Via Huffington Post

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