Qs We Wish GQ Would Have Asked Kate Upton Instead Of “What’s Your Favorite Color?”

In Kate Upton's recent video interview with GQ, which you can suffer through below, the magazine asks Kate Upton a series of questions meant to distract as little as possible from the fact that she's almost naked on camera. The answers? "My favorite food is sushi". "My favorite color is yellow." "GQ thinks there really isn't any point in me speaking." (The last one may or may not have been said out loud.)
The fact of the matter is, the interview left us hanging. It's not like we want her to do our linear algebra homework for us or anything, but we're not thrilled with the underlying objectification here. Why is it just a given that this woman has no interesting things to say? As a matter of fact, there are quite a few things some of us would like to know about this modern-day pin-up, and we wished GQ would have asked. Kate, if you have a minute... (GQ)
1. Where do you buy your bras?
2. Where do you buy your bras that actually work as bras and not lacy boob covers?
3. Do you ever feel that men's magazines see you as a joke?
4. Your eyebrows. They are perfect. Where do you get them done?
5. Did you eventually ever learn how to Dougie?
6. Was Terry gross toward you? What was it like working with him? (Be honest.)
Video: Via GQ