Is Condé Trying To Cripple Carine Roitfeld’s New Mag?

Today's Condé Nast story (if true) has us wondering if they've ever heard of picking on someone their own size. The publishing house is reportedly feeling salty about Carine Roitfeld's new mag, CR, and they've apparently gone as far as discouraging both contracted and non-contracted photogs from working with her.
No offense to Carine of course — she's obviously a power-house in the fashion world — but we don't think CR (set to launch in September) will substantially impact Nast's readership. Indeed, the mag's publisher, Fashion Media Group LLC, churns out titles like V and Visionaire, leading us to think the publication will also live on the niche shelf. So, seems like this break-up was a little bit more bitter than sweet, eh?

Now, we understand how Roitfeld's exit from Vogue Paris would complicate their relationship, but it's unfortunate that after years of working together they wouldn't be a little more supportive. Not surprisingly, neither party has made official statements (did we mention that this is all from the Page Six rumor-wheel?), so it's possible that they separated on fantastic terms (though if you've seen The Devil Wears Prada you'll understand why we're kind of believing the hype). Either way, we're pumped for the launch of CR and for Ms. Roitfeld to spread her wings, guiding our style senses with impeccable editorial spreads as an independent woman. She's our neighbor, after all! (Fashionista)

Photo: Courtesy of CR Fashion Book

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