Neon Fever: Bikinis, Bags, Dresses, And More That Pop

Get out your glow-stick and unpack that Trapper Keeper, because we're going back to the '90s, without a Scrunchie, thank you very much! It seems like everywhere we look a bright, fluorescent flash of neon is distracting our field of vision—and for now, that's a good thing (until the bold hues go the way of studs). If you're not yet visible in the dark, electrify your closet with pops of red, blue, yellow—yeah, yeah, you've seen a color wheel before. Bikinis, bags, heels, we've got 'em all in our not-so-shy shopping guide. Whether or not you go all-out and create an Ace of Base playlist for your browsing pleasure is entirely up to you.
Check out 12 neon pieces that are turning us on!

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