Pamela Love Trades Rocks For Resin In Her First Resort Collection

We couldn't hide our adoration for Pamela Love even if we tried—after all, it's hard to argue with perfection. Her chunky metal jewelry accented with crystals, Native American and African motifs, and the macabre, are extravagant without being outrageous and add the right amount of edge to any outfit. Love fans now have a reason to rejoice—the designer is releasing her first Resort collection that not only focuses on increased wearability, but will also feature lower price points (who doesn't love that?). The collection contains several shapes from her Spring and Fall collections but are largely made from lightweight resins instead of heavy crystals and metals, which make these pieces a cinch to wear. The resin accents are available in several different colors and beautifully imitate the look of real crystal (seriously, we did a double-take when we first say the Resin Crescent Necklace), which is great for when you don't feel like carrying around too much heft. The collection will be available in October, so to tide you over click through the slideshow and ogle some seriously stunning jewelry you'll want to wear every day.

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