Forever21 Sues Blogger Because They Can’t Take A Joke

Someone call the waaambulance! Forever21 is threatening to sue blogger Rachel Kane over her hilarious website, WTForever21, which lampoons the retailer's more unfortunate pieces of clothing. You might think that the brand is suing because Kane is making money off of their image or some other egregious violation, but lo and behold, it's because they feel the site has created "unfair competition" and "monetary damages" in addition to the fact that they find the F in "WTF" offensive. To the contrary, Kane says that her website constantly drives traffic to Forever21 and that she receives countless emails from readers asking her where to find something from her site that they couldn't find in Forever21 stores, which leads her to believe that she has helped the brand make sales rather than lose them. As of now, it appears that the blogger will take down her site, as she doesn't have the funds to fight this corporate giant. Kane says, "The only thing I have to console myself with in this defeat is the hope that consumers at-large will know just how humorless the people are who make the day-glow pink panties they have to buy in bulk." Amen, sister, amen. (VillageVoice)