Look Out Lady Gaga, There Is Now A Perfume For Different Blood Types

Lady Gaga is nothing if not imitable, and it seems her influence extends beyond fashion to the perfume market. The singer grossed us out slash fascinated us with hints of her soon-to-be-launched scent (inspired by semen and blood), but in the meantime an enterprising firm has beat her to the punch. According to View On Fashion, Blood Concept, an Italian fragrance brand established by Giovanni Castelli and Antonio Zuddas, is launching their own line of unisex perfumes—years in the making—based on different blood groups. The four offerings, A, B, AB, and 0, will be sold in 40 ml recreations of the antique medicine bottle, complete with a drop applicator. The founders claim the odors will "retrace the evolution of manhood through time and its record of information, history and mutation, so well kept in the vital flushing of blood." We're not exactly sure what that means, but in hardcore anticipation of season four of True Blood, we're willing to give it a whiff.

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