Britain To Leave European Union In Brexit Vote, Plus More Stories

1. Major News: Brexit is happening and here's what you need to know.

Britain has voted to leave the European Union. After months of campaigning, 17,410,742 million people voted to leave the EU, while 16,141,241 voted to remain. That's a 52% majority. The first effect of the result has been on the economy, with the pound plummeting to levels not seen since 1985. (Read More)

2. Here At Home: The Supreme Court tied in an immigration reform ruling, affecting millions of families.

The Supreme Court has tied in a ruling on immigration reform, effectively ending President Obama's immigration reform efforts during his administration. The court ruled 4-4 in United States v. Texas to affirm a lower court's injunction against the implementation of an executive action that would have shielded millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. (Read More)

3. World News: A masked man who was believed to be armed was fatally shot by police after an incident at a German cinema.

A police official told German TV that the suspect entered the theater outside of Frankfurt and reportedly fired a gun. While initial reports had suggested that dozens were injured, The Associated Press now reports that no one else was hurt. (Read More)
Photo: Alexander Scheuber/Getty Images.

4. Talking Points: Police Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr. has been found not guilty in all charges in the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray.

Officer Goodson, the driver of the van where Gray received his fatal injury, was acquitted of manslaughter, assault, misconduct in office, reckless endangerment, and "depraved-heart" murder. Goodson was the only one of the six officers involved in Gray's death to be charged with murder. (Read More)

5. In-The-Know: The Supreme Court upheld affirmative action as constitutional, sparking the hashtag #BeckyWithTheBadGrades.

The court upheld the decision of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin in a 4-3 decision on Thursday. The Supreme Court ruled that the use of race as a factor in the college admission process is lawful under the Equal Protection Clause in the U.S. Constitution. (Read More)

6. On The Trail: Bernie Sanders admitted that he probably won't be Democrats' pick for the November ballot.

"It doesn't appear that I'm going to be the nominee," the Vermont senator said in a C-SPAN interview that aired on Wednesday. (Read More)

7. Tech Talk: Instagram just made video discovery more personalized.

Back in April, Instagram added video channels to its Explore tab to help you find cool new clips to watch and interesting people to follow. Now, the app makes those suggestions even more customized by organizing videos into specific categories and recommending certain ones to you based on your Instagram activity. (Read More)

8. A-List: Taylor Lautner is joining season 2 of Scream Queens.

Lautner has been announced as a series regular, playing the role of Dr. Cassidy Cascade, who suffers from a mysterious condition. He will reportedly become a suspect in a series of unfortunate occurrences at a hospital. (Read More)

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