Bernie Sanders On Who He’s Going To Vote For In November

Update: Bernie Sanders said Friday that he will vote for rival Hillary Clinton for president. The Vermont senator, who has not endorsed Clinton or conceded his own race for the White House, said in an interview on MSNBC that he is "going to do everything I can to defeat Donald Trump." "I think Trump, in so many ways, will be a disaster if he were to be elected president," the Vermont senator told the hosts of Morning Joe Friday.
Sanders has vowed repeatedly to continue to fight for the nomination and the issues that matter to his campaign, even after Clinton clinched enough delegates to become the party's nominee at the Democratic National Convention in July. On Friday, he held a town hall in New York where he pledged to push for changes to the party's platform and the nomination process. "We're going to go all over this country because that is what the political revolution is about," he said at the event, according to USA Today. "It is millions of people getting involved in the political process in a way that has never been seen in the modern history of this country." This story was originally published on June 23, 2016.
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Bernie Sanders came one step closer to throwing in the towel on his presidential bid on Thursday, admitting that he probably won't be Democrats' pick for the November ballot. "It doesn't appear that I'm going to be the nominee," the Vermont senator said in a C-SPAN interview that aired on Wednesday. The comment came in response to a question about whether he'll get a speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention in July. Sanders continued to campaign until the primaries in Washington, D.C., last week, which he lost, and even after Clinton secured enough delegates to become the party's presumptive nominee. The candidate's comment came a day before he was scheduled to give a speech titled, "Where We Go From Here" in New York City. His advisers say tonight's speech will not be a concession, according to tweets from Yahoo News reporter Hunter Walker.
Meanwhile, on Facebook, he addressed his followers with a letter titled, "The Political Revolution Continues." "Real change never takes place from the top down, or in the living rooms of wealthy campaign contributors. It always occurs from the bottom on up — when tens of millions of people say 'enough is enough' and become engaged in the fight for justice," he wrote. "That’s what the political revolution we helped start is all about. That’s why the political revolution must continue." Editor's note: This story has been updated with additional information about Sanders' speech in Manhattan.

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