How To Take A European Vacation With Your Best Friend For Under $3,500

Photos courtesy of Lulu Krause and Julie Singer.
Julie and Lulu first met at a Brown University summer program in high school. They reconnected a few years later when they both ended up enrolling in the same liberal arts college in Philadelphia — it was fate that they were meant to be best friends. The two were inseparable in college, spending their time founding a musical-theater troupe, performing with a Motown band, strumming pink and blue ukuleles around campus, and wearing elaborate matching outfits when playing beer pong as “Team Dog” during basement parties.
Like so many best friends, they went their separate ways after college, Lulu to New York City and Julie to law school at University of Michigan. Busy lives keep them from seeing each other regularly, but this spring they managed to plan a 15-day Eurotrip, bouncing from Amsterdam to Prague to the coast of Spain.
They made a pact before they flew out of New York City in mid-May: They would wear matching outfits — Lulu in pink, Julie in blue — for the duration of their Eurotrip. They even went so far as to create a detailed spreadsheet to organize all pink and blue accessories and apparel for the vacation.
Ahead, follow the best friends on the trip of a lifetime. And then call your best friend. Aren’t you two overdue for an adventure?

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