Is There Going To Be A Gilmore Girls Wedding? Plus, More Stories

Here At Home: Donald Trump blamed Bernie Sanders' supporters for the violence at Friday night's Chicago rally.

After blaming Sanders' supporters, Trump threatened to send his own supporters to disrupt Sanders' events. Trump tweeted, "Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!" (Read More)

Major News: Hillary Clinton apologized for her inaccurate praise of Nancy Reagan's "low-key advocacy" in the fight against AIDS.

As former First Lady Nancy Reagan was laid to rest, Hillary Clinton was asked to speak and made a key error in recounting Reagan's history. Despite what Clinton said, President and Nancy Reagan wanted nothing to do with the AIDS epidemic gripping America in the 1980s. (Read More)

Try Again: SXSW apologized for asking this Muslim-American Olympian to remove her hijab.

Ibtihaj Muhammad is about to be the first hijab-wearing Muslim-American woman to compete for the United States at the Olympics in Rio this summer. This didn't protect her from an indignity many Muslims across the globe have faced, however. As she documented on Twitter, the volunteer taking her SXSW ID badge photo asked her to remove her headscarf. (Read More)
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Yikes: A study found that over half the food Americans consume is “ultra-processed.”

According to researchers from Tufts University and the University of São Paulo, the average American diet gets about 58% of its energy intake from “ultra-processed foods.” Examples include popular snack foods, like milk-based drinks, breads, breakfast cereals, and, of course, the perennial culprit, soda. (Read More)

Tech Talk: There's a secret emergency number hidden in your Uber app.

Uber has been testing a phone number that its passengers can dial in case of an emergency. According to Inc., Uber's emergency response line, called the Critical Safety Response Line, has been undergoing testing in 22 cities across the country since October. (Read More)

This Is NOT A Drill: Every day from March 13 to April 2, Ulta Beauty will be offering hefty discounts on select items.

For those of you who are new to Ulta's storewide and site-wide sale, let us break it down for you. Every day from March 13 to April 2, Ulta Beauty will be offering hefty discounts on select items. But be warned: Each of these deals only lasts one day. So, click through to check out our favorite items and remember to mark your calendars! (Read More)

ICYMI: Sasha Obama had a perfect fangirl moment when she met Ryan Reynolds.

Thursday night was Sasha and Malia Obama’s very first state dinner. Between the stunning dresses, the chance to hobnob with world leaders, and the reality of being the children of one of the most powerful men in the world, it’s hard to know what they were most excited about. Oh, who are we kidding? It was totally meeting Ryan Reynolds. (Read More)

Must-See: A leaked fan photo suggests that there's going to be a wedding on the Gilmore Girls revival.

In a major spoiler, news has leaked from the set that there will be a wedding on the Gilmore Girls revival. But whose? A fan who writes that they were taking a tour of the Warner Brothers lot posted a photo of a prop from the set labeled "Wedding" with a pick-up date of 3/18. (Read More)

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