8 Facts About Vaginas Everyone Should Know

Photographed By Eylul Aslan.
There is so much we don’t know about our own bodies that we absolutely should. For instance, “vagina” is probably the most misused word in the entire English language. Chalk it up to our excruciatingly horrible sex ed system (or, you know, patriarchy), but the vagina is actually the internal canal that reaches up to the cervix. The mons pubis, clitoris, inner labia, outer labia and everything else on the outside? That’s called the vulva.
So why don’t we call the vulva by its name? Probably because the vagina is literally where a penis goes during hetero intercourse, so there’s a cultural over-emphasis on making it the most important part of a woman’s body. Tidbits like these make it clear that society doesn’t care about female pleasure, and it has to stop. But learning about anatomy can help women emphasise our own pleasure.
Ahead, we have eight magical, interesting, and very important vulva and vagina facts that you need to know.
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