A Petite Girls’ Guide To Successful Shopping

Photo Via @eniswardrobe
For those of us who weren’t blessed with height, the struggle to reach high shelves, see over crowds and kiss a tall partner is real. But perhaps the most aggravating part of the petite person's existence is being unable to find clothes that fit well. We may act like we're okay carrying this burden but, deep down, us short adults are thoroughly tired of having to make do with shopping in the kids' section.
We’re here to inform you that life doesn’t need to be an endless string of jumpers that go down to your knees and sleeves that drag along the ground. There are brands on the block that design pieces specifically for those of us who are vertically challenged. But even if you shop in regular stores, there are plenty of garments that prove positive for petite people, from short trousers to cropped jackets and, of course, platform soles. 
If you're thinking of investing in some petite pieces, it can be helpful to know what to look for, which is exactly why we've collated the best tips around to help you suss out the world of petite fashion. Ahead, we speak to four petite style influencers about their relationship with petite clothing, their favourite petite-focused brands and their top tips for successful shopping for a petite frame...

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