8 Women On How Money Tore Their Relationship Apart

Navigating relationships can be hard enough with everything else on our plates, but when you throw money into the mix, tension can build, conflict can ensue, and breakups can eventuate.
It's not the most fun subject to gab about, but in both our romantic and platonic relationships, money matters. How much you make, how transparent you are about your finances and whether you're on the same page with spending and splitting etiquette are all important. After all, it's estimated that about 70% of couples fight more frequently about money than sex, household chores, kids or even who's cooking dinner. And with money generally being a sensitive subject, unresolved differences or friction can easily lead to an irreparable breakdown.
To demystify the matter, we asked you to tell us all about the times that money played a part in your relationship breakdowns. From brokefishing friends, greedy partners, and the generational divides between parents and kids, there's a lot to learn from these slippery situations. Scroll on for eight women's stories about their worst money-based conflicts.

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