6 Designers Tell Us What They’re Wearing On Their Daily Walk

When self-isolation started, pyjamas were the unofficial WFH uniform. Comforting, cosy and incredibly convenient, working in a pair of PJs felt like a perfectly acceptable response to the sudden shift in our daily routines. However as the weeks began to melt into one another, the case was made for getting dressed, and many of us chose to ditch our old jammies for something a tad more professional.
From that point on, Instagram accounts like @wfhfits took the internet by storm, exploring all corners of the working-from-home fashion world. From cashmere loungewear to linen shirts, the key to WFH clothing was summed up as something comfy enough to sit in all day yet smart enough for a Zoom meeting. Still, while some people are enjoying the new relaxed look, many sartorial enthusiasts are craving a return to normal attire.
With outdoor exercise and essential food shops still permitted in the UK, daily trips outside are seen by some as a chance to don a 'real outfit'. Though the idea of putting on their favourite pair of jeans might seem crazy to some, for others, the daily lockdown walk is providing a much-needed moment to feel like their regular selves. Ahead, we spoke to six fashion designers about what they’re wearing on their daily trip outdoors...

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