Here’s A Feelgood List Of Indie Fashion Brands To Support

Photo Courtesy Of arkitaip
It's a scary and confusing time for everyone right now but for small business owners, the coronavirus outbreak signals an uncertain future. With ever-changing government protection, plus the shift in shopping habits now we're all on lockdown, small labels are working out the best way to future-proof their livelihoods.
While many are talking of shopping local when it comes to essentials like food and toiletries, we mustn't overlook the fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands which are also trying to survive this uncertain period. Happily, small fashion brands tend to have more transparent production lines, more ethical manufacturing processes and are more responsible when it comes to sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics, so you can continue to support them guilt-free.
While we're well aware that it's not possible for everyone to be able to shop these brands – COVID-19 or not, it's no secret that the more ethical the brand, the higher the price thanks to more honest overheads – if you can, it's nice to be able to put your money into small brands during this period.
From House of Sunny to HADES, here are the small fashion labels we're championing now and always.