Linen Is Our Unofficial Late Summer Uniform

Designed by Anna Jay.
Linen used to be one of those fabrics we turned our noses up at; much like Birkenstocks and oat milk, it was for artists in residence, gardening-obsessed mums and violin teachers with eccentric jewellery. Now, of course, we're eating our words – we only drink oat milk, we won't wear anything but our Birkenstock Bostons, and we have come to love linen in a way that we truly never thought possible.
Of course, linen has long been a spring-to-summer seasonal favourite. Woven from the flax plant, the breezy fabric has been used since the time of Mesopotamia but has often received a bad rap due to its crunchy granola associations. Now that sustainability is number one on the fashion agenda, however, it's being cast in a different light and designers are taking note, using it as a luxury, eco-friendly alternative to cotton.
As we look towards the months ahead, linen stands as an easy way back into the world of smart casual dressing. Whether you are pairing a loose flowing shirt over structured trousers or pairing a dress with boots and a blazer, the fabric feels office appropriate without being stuffy. However, if you are looking to sport some linen looks outside the realms of business, there are plenty of chic co ords, skirts and tops to snap up for the summer's final happy hours.
Ahead, we've found a slew of fuss-free linen dresses, blouses and trousers that'll see you from summer to autumn.