15 Mascaras That Won't Give You Raccoon Eyes

With stick-straight lashes like mine, it's always been a challenge building a fringe that points anywhere but down. That's why I always reach for waterproof mascaras. They give my wispy lashes a lift, and because of their budge-proof ingredients, they never end up running or smudging under my eyes.
So, as the temp and humidity start to climb, I find myself falling back on tried-and-true tubes that I know will hold a curl and survive the elements. Sure, these stubborn formulas are tricky to take off, but a good oil-based makeup remover (my favourite is bareMinerals' Oil Obsessed Oil Cleanser) makes quick work of all that inky, clingy colour. Looking for a waterproof mascara to get you through summer? Check out the following slides for our fan-favourites.
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Unlike Sex And The City's Mr. Big, Lancôme's Monsieur Big mascara is very reliable. The creamy formula and large brush beef up limp lashes, holds a curl all day, and stays on without smudging, whether you're stuck on a hot, overcrowded train or diving head first into the Atlantic Ocean (we tested).
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Not only does this mascara hold a curl and manage to stay smudge-free all day, but the curved head makes it easy to grab those hard-to-reach inner and outer corner lashes.
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If you're looking for a volumising — and slightly clumpy — mascara that will give you a false-lash effect, this one is definitely the way to go. The best part? It doesn't budge all day — even if you have to schlep through the city during a rainstorm (again, we tested).
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This defining mascara has teeny-tiny rubber bristles that coat every hair without getting clumpy.
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This long-wearing mascara creates any effect you want. One coat offers subtle, fluttery definition, while two or three layers produce stunning volume.
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This waterproof mascara has us seeing double — in a good way. Comb the white primer end of this wand through your lashes to help build volume, then, switch to the mascara side to coat them in glossy blackness.
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If you were to put on an impromptu synchronised swim routine, this is the mascara you’d want to have had the foresight to put on beforehand. The gel-like formula adds length and volume without feeling heavy, and it stays flake-free all day. Go ahead — jump in that Olympic-sized pool.
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Although this clump-defying mascara is technically water resistant (read: not quite waterproof), it manages to stay on our lashes all day without flaking. Just don't go diving into any pools.
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This waterproof version of the best-selling Smoky Lash mascara stays put even on the hottest, stickiest day of the summer and will have everyone asking you if your lashes are real.
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A curling mascara that gives you the effect of a lash lift without the salon appointment. Beauty writer Mi-Anne Chan confirms it's the kind of mascara that will not budge even after a hour-long hot yoga class.
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Finally, this cult formula got a makeover that's friendly to oily eyelids everywhere. It promises 24-hour wear, but who really needs that? All that matters is its got you covered through hot yoga.
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A volumising, water-resistant mascara that makes everyone who tries it fall in love? Somehow, it exists. Chalk it up to the thin wand, the gripping bristles, the jet-black pigment, or just plain old magic.
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It Cosmetics has quickly become a beauty favourite amongst editors and Instagrammers. The skinny wand in their Tightline Waterproof 3-in-1 Black Primer-Eyeliner-Mascara coats lashes right from the root and creates a 'tight-lined' effect.
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Eyeko's vegan mascara not only holds curl for 24 hours, but also contains Matcha Green Tea, botanical fruit extracts and antioxidant Vitamin E to care for lashes.
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This mascara has long had a reputation for being a waterproof best.

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