The Best Skincare Products For When It's Humid

Designed by Olivia Santner
If you thought frizzy hair was your biggest humidity bugbear, you might want to think again, because according to skin experts, the sticky weather can also wreak havoc on your complexion. We're talking make-up slips, oil slicks and even breakouts.
“In simple terms, humidity is the amount of water vapour held in the air," says facialist and Time Bomb skincare expert Michaella Bolder. "Low humidity comes with colder temperatures and high humidity with warmer temperatures, but our skin likes balance, so either low or high humidity can throw it out of whack."
"During periods of high humidity our skin tends to produce extra sebum and sweat which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts," continues Michaella. "Plus, the damp, hot weather means our skin is more likely to become host to bacteria. If you already suffer from acne then you need to take extra care during hot summer months that you’re keeping the skin as cool and clean as possible, but the same still applies for those with normal to combination skin types."
So what else can we do about it?
"Everyone needs to ensure they are cleansing their skin twice a day, every day during hot summer months. I'd suggest double cleansing in the evening if you don’t already," adds Michaella, and you might want to re-think the products you apply after cleansing, too.
"I would advise to stay away from any long-wear foundations or non-water based SPF during humid weather conditions," adds Michaella. "These products won’t allow for any perspiration to come to the surface and could potentially block pores and cause congestion. You absolutely need to switch up your moisturiser during the summer months, too. Think of your moisturiser in a similar way to your clothes - lighter in summer, heavier in the winter. And If you do have oily or combination skin then you would benefit from using a salicylic acid serum during the summer. Applied at night time, this acid gets to work to exfoliate inside the pores to rid them of any dirt and bacteria that cleansing alone cannot reach. Weekly exfoliation is key for everyone during the summer – it’s important to slough off that top layer of dead, dull skin that builds up thanks to the extra sweat, SPF and pollution, which occurs thanks to the heat and humidity."
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