Got 30 Minutes? Try These YouTube Workouts

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Trying new boutique workout classes can be fun and all, but if you have a weirdly specific schedule (which many of us do), it's not always doable to make it to those classes. Either you're rushing after work to get to an evening yoga class without making a scene, or you're forced to get up crazy-early just to make it to that spin class you regret booking. Working out is just not always convenient, but there are ways to cheat the system.
In a perfect world, you have at least some chunk of time to exercise during the day, whenever that may be for you. Some people like to work out in the middle of the day, during their lunch break. Other people find it's best to wait until late at night when everyone in their household is asleep. And some people like to squeeze in a few squats while they're on a conference call — you do what you've got to do.
Praise be, YouTube, you can actually fit in a full workout whenever, wherever. If you have 30 minutes to kill, and want to spend that time working out, try following one of these videos. While there are plenty of shorter, more targeted workouts on YouTube, these videos are well-rounded half-hour routines that feel like a full class — only they're free and you can do them without leaving the house.
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Dance Cardio Total Body Workout

Who's the instructor? Chloe from CBC Life

What's the workout like? This fast-paced cardio dance routine is like Zumba, but more hip. You'll do a warmup, and then follow along throughout a series of dance combinations. It might be hard to pick up the choreography at first, but Chloe will call out when there's a "new move" for you to learn, which is helpful. And as long as you keep moving, you can't really screw up.
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Morning Beginner's Energizing Yoga Workout

Who's the instructor? Cole from YogaTX

What's the workout like? If you like to do yoga in the morning, but aren't really down for anything hardcore, try this yoga class. You'll stretch your back, neck, shoulders, and hamstrings, and the vibe is relaxing, yet will make you feel energised. There's plenty of time for an extra child's pose if you're still tired, too.
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Dumbbell Leg Workout

Who's the instructor? Crystal Dena'e Hawkins

What's the workout like? Squats and lunges are the name of the game for this leg workout, and you'll need a heavy dumbbell and a mat for some of these exercises. Hawkins gives very clear instructions for each move, so it's great for beginners who want to learn some strength-training moves. But, a fair warning, it's a lot of leg work, so you will probably be sore the next day.
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Low-Impact Cardio Workout For Beginners

Who's the instructor? Claudia and Joshua Kozak

What's the workout like? This is a slower, beginner cardio workout that's split up into high-intensity intervals. You'll do a mix of marching and jogging in place, plus strength moves like push-ups and modified burpees. Claudia demonstrates the modified version of the exercises, so follow along with her if it gets too difficult.
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The Ultimate Cardio Pilates Workout

Who's the instructor? Lisa Corsello

What's the workout like? If Pilates classes usually make you snooze, try this one, which incorporates cardio and strength-training. Similar to some barre classes, you'll need light hand weights to do small, pulsing lifts. This workout is definitely on the challenging side, so be prepared to sweat.
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Yoga For Hamstring Flexibility

Who's the instructor? Candace Moore

What's the workout like? This is more like a restorative stretching class than it is a flowing yoga workout. The stretches and poses focus on hamstring flexibility, so if you're a runner or generally feel like you're not flexible, you'll appreciate her slow, manageable approach. Even though some of the poses look intimidating, Moore explains them very clearly, and spends a lot of time in each one, so you can really focus on form.
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Ultimate HIIT Workout For People Who Get Bored Easily

Who's the instructor? Kelli Segars

What's the workout like? Pay attention, because you'll do a different exercise every 30 seconds, with a 10-second rest break in between. This is a total-body workout, and there's a good chance you'll do exercises you've never tried before. If you do get bored (as the name would suggest), there's a countdown timer that runs on the side of the screen, so you can always tell where you are in the workout — and when it's over.

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