These Are The Best Ab Workouts On YouTube

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Trying to do an ab workout on your own usually goes a little something like this: You lie on a mat, decide planks are too hard, and end up scrolling Instagram instead. Unless you have a set plan or someone coaching you through exercises, it's easy to get bored and skip the whole thing altogether. And that's especially true if you're literally horizontal on a cushy mat. Sure, you could sign up for a legit Pilates class, but those can be expensive or inconvenient.
Luckily, (if you're reading this) you have access to the internet. There are so many free workouts on YouTube, and there's bound to be one that's exactly what you're looking for — even if that's just a few ab exercises to tack onto your usual workout. Maybe you're just looking for a 15-minute ab routine that's not impossible. Maybe you want to start a proper month-long ab-strengthening plan. Or maybe you just want to learn how to hold a plank for a minute. There's all of that and then some ahead.