2020’s Latest Curse? No Timothée Chalamet

Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage.
This year has taken a toll on all of us. Of course, the obvious culprit for our collective anxiety is the global pandemic, not to mention civil unrest stemming from period of extensive political crisis. And then there's been pop culture setbacks: We missed out on a brand new Beyoncé tour, and we had to pay £20 to watch Mulan at home. And just when you thought we might have been rounding a corner in the final stretch of this apocalyptic ass year, 2020 dealt us another major blow with even more bad news: there will be no Timothée Chalamet films in 2020.
Chalamet was set to make his return to the silver screen with several huge performances. The 24-year-old is starring in Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch alongside Saoirse Ronan, Tilda Swinton, Owen Wilson, and Adrien Brody, and so many more A-listers, but he’s also the leading man of the epic Dune remake dreamed up by visionary Denis Villeneuve. This was supposed to be Timmy’s year!
Unfortunately, 2020 had other plans. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the entire globe and force us to stay indoors, film studios and distributors have had to rethink their plans for theatrical releases. A number of films were postponed multiple times, and others have just been pushed back to 2021; just last week, we learned that blockbusters No Time to Die and F9 won't hit cinemas until 2021.
Chalamet's big features have unfortunately been added to the lineup of delayed titles. The French Dispatch was supposed to be a 2020 release set to premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival, but it has now been indefinitely delayed, meaning that we likely won't see Anderson's “love letter to journalists" play out on screen until 2021. Dune, initially slated for a December release, has also been pushed back — fans of the sci-fi epic (and TimDaya shippers) will have to wait until next October to watch the big budget adventure.
For the first time since Chalamet made his film debut in 2014, we're having a Timmy-less year. And the stans are gutted about it.
Chalamates, I know it hurts, but don't despair. Both The French Dispatch and Dune being pushed back just means that 2021 will be a year of prosperity, updated fancams, and interviews for you to pore over. Until then, you can host your own Timothée Chalamet film festival in the safety of your own home — and no one will judge you for pausing every five minutes to marvel over your favourite boy.

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