Every Lovely French Song In Emily In Paris Feels Like Strolling Along The Seine

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix's Emily in Paris takes Lily Collins' Chicagoan character Emily Cooper and throws her into a quaint and heavily stereotyped version of Paris. Adding to the fantasy-like quality of Emily's new life is the Emily in Paris soundtrack, filled with charming French songs.
Some of them have fitting titles and lyrics when they're translated, and others just sound good in the moment and the lyrics don't matter much since they're in a language most British viewers aren't exactly fluent in. The show also frequently uses short musical interludes between scenes to further set the tone with a flash of a famous Parisian landmark and a line or two from a French tune. Basically the theme of the whole show is "Did we mention they're in Paris?!"
The songs can get heavy handed at times, because it seems a little unrealistic — French people probably listen to, like, Beyoncé and Billie Eilish as much as the rest of us. They're not all walking around to Parisian elevator music every second of the day. But Emily is very touristy, so it's not that surprising that her inner soundtrack is cute café music 100 percent of the time.
Here are the songs that narrate Emily's version of Paris.
Warning: Spoilers for Emily in Paris are ahead.

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