The First New Moon Of The Decade Is Here

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The first new moon of the year — and decade — is almost here. On January 24, the new moon will rose in Aquarius, a sign known for rebellion, forward-thinking, and community. In astrology, the new moon always signifies fresh starts. It’s the perfect time for introspection, reflection, and planning ahead.
During this new moon, channel some of Aquarius’ no-holds-barred nature. “January’s new moon is the perfect time to channel your inner rebel by becoming an activist,” says Narayana Montúfar, a senior astrologer at and “After an intense and volatile beginning to the year brought by eclipse season and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, it's becoming crystal-clear that in order to realign our vision as a society, each one of us needs to do something”
Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which the new moon will square — meaning they'll be three signs apart, an angle known to create tension. Uranus is considered rebellious and progressive, and it’s currently in Taurus. This square will “infuse us with the need for freedom at a collective level,” Montúfar says. “It’s important to mention that a square between the moon and Uranus can be intense and can make us feel a sense of urgency to the point of driving hasty action.”
This square means that we can expect the unexpected, says Lisa Stardust, an astrologer based in New York City. “When these planets square off, we can expect anything but normal to come to fruition. It’s a time to break free of the constraints and rules that hold us back,” she explains. “Transforming personal beliefs will be a core theme, as well as implementing a new vision of self. Be a rebel and a wild child. Embrace your quirks and be the real you — even if it doesn’t align with the status quo. We should try manifesting our old forgotten visions we let go of as children. Evoking the forgotten dream will serve as the missing piece of the puzzle to alleviate our minds and calm our hearts.”
Elsewhere in the cosmos, Montúfar points out that the new moon will also create positive aspects (angles at which the planets support each other), which will “pave the way for us to channel this energy constructively.” “Positively angled (in sextile) to asteroid Chiron, this new moon lends an opportunity to heal past wounds,” she says. "Also, just three days after this new moon, lovely Venus will meet with idealistic Neptune in Pisces, highlighting our collective sense of empathy and compassion as we start finding innovative solutions so we can begin to change our future… together.” Sounds like good news to us.

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