This Piece Of Your Birth Chart Will Tell You All About Your Insecurities

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To be human is to have weaknesses. But what's a weakness if not the chance for a little self-improvement? If you're ready to face up to your personal problem area, your first step should be to find out where Chiron falls on your birth chart.
Chiron is just one of many, many asteroids in our solar system. And — much like the nine planets — asteroids have a role to play in our astrological makeup. Chiron in particular, which tends to hang out between Saturn and Uranus, rules (you guessed it) our deeply rooted weaknesses and insecurities. The sign that it was in at the moment of your birth can indicate how and where in your life you'll feel yourself falter from time to time.
For example, if you find that Chiron is in Cancer on your birth chart, you may struggle with issues of a maternal or domestic nature. Perhaps you have a strained relationship with your mother, or you find it difficult to empathize with others. Meanwhile, if Chiron appears in Leo, you might be rather reserved and hesitate to express yourself. In other words, with this celestial body in a given sign, that sign's usual strengths or personality traits may not come easily to you.
There's no way to change your birth chart, so you're stuck with the signs you're given, but that doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to a life of dealing with the same old problems. Some astrologers refer to Chiron's placement as "the wound of Chiron," which sounds dramatic, but it implies that the issues this asteroid reveals can be addressed — or "healed," so to speak. As is the case with most astrological issues, the solution lies within.
Your Chiron placement rarely indicates a weakness that others see in you; it's far more likely that it'll show you the source of your own self-doubt. Once you identify it, it's within your power to work on that specific difficulty. Give your mom a call, try a public-speaking class, or do whatever it is that targets the exact anxieties that Chiron stirs up inside you. (If you thought your insecurities were just you, it's high time you got your chart drawn up.) With work and time, you just might be able to heal this astrological wound.
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