The 4 Types Of Aquarians You’ll Meet In Your Life

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Did it just get cooler in here? Nope, that's just Aquarius season, stargazers, imbuing us all with a little extra quirk and eccentricity from January 20 to February 18.
It may sound like a cop-out to call people born under this sign "interesting," but there really is no quick and dirty way to describe all of Aquarian-kind. Sure, every sign of the Zodiac contains multitudes, but as a group Aquarians are flat-out walking contradictions.
On the one hand, they can seem cold and detached, too busy with weightier matters to listen to your latest roommate drama. On the other, they're known for grand acts of altruism in the name of what is right and good. They're a tricky bunch to figure out — and every single Aquarius will be slightly different, as the rule of the human condition dictates.
But, in honor of the Water Bearer's solar season, we're exploring four key varieties of the Aquarian personality. Maybe you've met folks who fit all of these types before — or maybe you've only ever met one type of Aquarius. Either way, your definition of Aquarius is about to broaden. Read on to learn more about this complex sign.

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