The Full Wolf Moon Eclipse In Cancer Means It’s Time To Turn Inward

Less than two weeks into 2020, we’ll have the first eclipse of the decade. On Friday, January 10, the moon will be partially covered by the Earth’s shadow in what's called a penumbral lunar eclipse. Dubbed the Full Wolf Moon Eclipse, it will be visible in Alaska, Greenland, and parts of Maine and Canada. For the rest of us, the full moon will appear slightly darker than usual.
About that name. Each month’s full moon has a different name in the Farmer’s Almanac, derived from Native American and colonial American naming traditions. January’s is the Wolf Moon, because wolves can be heard howling at this time of year. It's also sometimes called the Cold Moon or the Old Moon (as in, "that old fellow, winter").
This full moon and lunar eclipse occur in Cancer, a sign known for strong emotions, a love of home, and being protective. In astrology, “Lunar eclipses are like intense full moons,” explains astrologer Lisa Stardust. “They help us see the whole picture — which may not be what we want, because the truth can be overwhelming.”
This lunar eclipse “marks the end of the journey from the story that began in July 2018,” when we had a new super moon in Cancer, Stardust says. “During that moment in our personal history, we started a new chapter in healing or nurturing ourselves. We made sure to protect ourselves and loved ones at all costs."
Beginning with this eclipse, things will begin to change. “Now, we are still giving our all to others, but we are taking some of our energy back to focus on ourselves,” Stardust says. 
The other planets also influence the power of this full moon. In particular, pay attention to the position of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. “Our eyes will be opened due to Saturn and Pluto opposing the eclipse point, which will expose matters we aren’t prepared to deal with and force us to give our all to the #1 person in our lives — ourselves,” Stardust says. “Emotions will be intense. Keep the Kleenex close by and be kind to others. Even if they start in with arguments, don’t engage.”

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