This Month’s New Moon Will Have All Of Us In Our Feelings

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It doesn't get as much attention as the full moon, but the new moon has plenty to offer us. Sure, its effects are usually subtle, but this month's new moon might flip that reputation on its head.
July's new moon will arrive this Thursday night in watery-eyed Cancer. If you follow the spiritual implications of the lunar cycle, you already know that this phase, in which the moon isn't illuminated at all and loses visibility in the sky, is always associated with introspection, reflection, and our innermost feelings. But, since the moon will be hanging out in the sign of the Crab when it goes dark, we might feel these effects much more intensely than usual.
As a water sign ruled by the moon, Cancer has long been known as an intuitive, caring, and maybe at times moody, sign. We're currently in the midst of Cancer's solar season, which kicked off on the summer solstice in June, so you might be more tuned into your feelings already. Add that to the fact that this Thursday, Cancer's influence will work in tandem with the new moon's energy to make our moods and memories even more difficult to ignore. If emotional sensitivity could be quantified, it's likely to be turned up to 11 this Thursday — and possibly into Friday.
Before you resign yourself to a night of watching tearjerkers and, essentially, wallowing with abandon, the new moon in Cancer can be productive.
Cancer is also connected to maternal and familial matters, so this new moon could be a great time to call your mom or any other important caregiver in your life. You can call just to catch up, but if this lunar event is nudging you to dig a little deeper (as new moons tend to do), consider preparing a little message of thanks for the love they've shown you over the years before dialing them up.
You can do a similar gratitude ritual for yourself: If you keep a journal, write yourself a letter about your latest triumph. Or, if you want to keep it short and sweet, write down a positive intention (maybe one that encourages you to celebrate even the smallest victories) and stick it to your bathroom mirror. The new moon is your monthly opportunity for quiet self-care and there's nothing quite as restorative as reminding yourself of your accomplishments.
That said, if all you want to do this Thursday is wallow with your favorite book or Lifetime original movie, that's a wonderful way to honor the new moon in Cancer, too. As we all know, there's nothing wrong with a good cry every so often.

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