Can't Think Of A Good Mantra? These Cards Have You Covered

Contrary to popular belief, meditation isn't about totally emptying your brain or gazing into the void. If you're new to meditation and find the idea of clearing your mind of all thoughts daunting, you'll probably benefit from adding a mantra, or a simple, positive phrase, to your practice.
"A mantra can redirect our thoughts, which has the effect of promoting a sense of calm or focus," says Marni Amsellem, PhD, a clinical psychologist at Smart Health Psychology. She adds that this can be particularly useful if you're feeling tense or stressed out: "Redirecting thoughts shifts the focus away from stressful thoughts to something that is more positive, encouraging, or otherwise mitigates distress."
But, even if you aren't the midst of a stress meltdown (but really, who isn't these days?) a mantra can help you settle into a good mood for the day ahead. "Some people like to start their day by deliberately focusing on a positive intention," Dr. Amsellem says. "It can become regular practice and part of a comforting routine."
Of course, coming up with a mantra that speaks to you is easier said than done. For those who are interested in meditating — but might not be feeling super creative — there are mantra cards, which are sort of like pre-made affirmation flashcards. Simply pull a card at random whenever you feel moved to meditate, and focus on the mantra on the card. Dr. Amsellem says that repeating the mantra, rather than reading it once then putting away, can prove particularly helpful: "When we repeat a motivational message to ourselves, we hear ourselves utter the words. Hearing ourselves say these messages aloud can seem increasingly more authentic and meaningful."
Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite decks of mantra cards. Read on to find one that speaks to you.
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With 25 cards in this set, featuring brief yet profound mantras like, "My faith is stronger than my fear," and "I can, I will, I must," you're sure to find an affirmation that resonates with you. Use the gorgeous illustrations on each card to guide your visualizations if you choose to meditate on the mantra you choose.
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Not your conventional mantras, these cards instead feature a set of six affirming and inspiring quotes by renowned thinkers, from Thomas Hobbes to Nikolai Gogol.
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These bright and cheery cards are small enough to fit in your pocket or wallet, in case you'd like to have the option of getting grounded while on the go.
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This set of cards consists of super simple mantras that reflect just about everyone's desires for life: to be fearless, to be resilient, and to pursue joy.
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We love the emphasis this set of 32 cards puts on self-care, with affirmations like "I take the time to nurture my mind and body," "I love and accept myself," and "I speak and think kindly about myself."
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This 50-card deck, which covers topics ranging from health to relationships to finances, ought to keep you inspired for good, long while.

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