How To Actually Convince Yourself To Start Meditating

Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
Of course you want to meditate, but you're too busy. You always get distracted. You don't think you're doing it right. And so on. There are about a million excuses for why you "can't" meditate, despite knowing that it might just change your life.
Studies have shown that meditation can help us deal with everything from chronic stress to clinical anxiety, and possibly even change the physical structure of our brains in the process. Some researchers believe these changes make us more resilient to everyday pressures, and possibly more compassionate to those around us.
However, even if you're already convinced you want to take up a meditation habit, you're still going to run up against your fair share of challenges — including those excuses. For some pointers, we turned to Ralph De La Rosa, a meditation expert and therapist, for ways to make that habit just a bit easier to build. Get ready: full Zen ahead.

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