The Walking Dead Announces New Spin-Off Series & It's All About Teens

Photo: Courtesy of AMC
What's scarier: the zombie apocalypse or the trials and tribulations of teenhood? The new Walking Dead spin-off won't make you choose, because it's bringing the undead and a coming-of-age story to AMC.
The new Walking Dead spin-off — which was previously confirmed to be in the works in February — has been ordered to series, the channel revealed at the AMC Networks Summit. The new show will be a bit different from its two predecessors, which includes the spin-off Fear the Walking Dead, as the leads of this series will have grown up during the zombie infestation. According to the official press release, the series will be "the first generation to come-of-age in the apocalypse as we know it."
It's easy to see a potential allegory here; while today's teens and young adults may not have to fight off Walkers, many are joining together to battle injustice. You can find it in what the March For Our Lives activists are doing or the young climate change fighters. Honestly, if there's ever going to be a cure for the zombification of the human population, it'll probably come from the youths.
The show will revolve around two young women, allowing them to be heroines of their own horror story — or, maybe, villains. A big question on this series, according to AMC's release, will be who among the characters stay good, and who turns dark in the face of adversary.
The new series is set to hit TV screens in 2020.
Zombies may be taking over pop culture as we know it. Adam Driver, Selena Gomez, and Bill Murray will star in The Dead Don't Die, a comical take on movies like Night of the Living Dead. Upcoming Netflix drama Daybreak, about a teen outcast searching for his lost love during the zombie apocalypse, hits the streaming service later this year.

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