Moose's Riverdale Exit Sets Up Your Next Netflix Obsession

Photo: Courtesy of the CW.
People aren't sticking around Riverdale these days — and no, I'm not just talking about the characters who have dropped like flies in recent episodes. Josie (Ashleigh Murray), for one, is possibly leaving the small town with pep and heading to New York City to lead Riverdale spin-off series, Katy Keene. And now, Moose (Cody Kearsley) is also leaving Riverdale for another TV series, one that was directly referenced on his final episode.
In Wednesday's episode "Chapter 47: Bizzarodale," Moose learns that his own father Major Mason (Simon C. Hussey) had him and Kevin (Casey Cott) attacked by the masked "Gargoyle gang" in order to interrupt their romantic moment. The reason? Moose's father was in love with Kevin's dad Sheriff Keller (Martin Cummins), and was rejected by him in high school. A trip to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy's evil gay conversion therapy program attempted to "set him straight," but it really just messed up Major Mason for life. (Because, again: gay conversion therapy is evil.)
It's hard to blame Moose for not wanting to live in Riverdale after the drama.
"I can't live here. I'm moving to Glendale to stay with my aunt," says Moose in a tearful moment with Kevin at the end of the episode.
Moose leaves the door open for him to come back to Riverdale after a "while," but in reality, actor Kearsley is heading to Glendale. A post-apocalyptic version of Glendale, Calif., that is.
Yes, Riverdale was very specific in choosing where Moose was heading — because that's the location of Kearsley's new Netflix series, Daybreak.
According to Deadline, Daybreak is based on Brian Ralph’s graphic novel and about a group of teens who have to navigate life after the end of the world in the Los Angeles city. (Here's hoping that the Americana mall is still standing?!?)
Per Deadline, Kearsley will play a character known as "Turbo Bro Jock." (Yes, really.) Described as "a fierce, handsome football player with a terrifyingly stoic manner, he has assembled all the athletic teen teams of Glendale into one, big, murderous crew, and he’s the team captain." That sounds like it could have been athlete Moose's fate had the Dark Circle taken a particularly disturbing turn in season 2.
Will Moose return to Riverdale one day? Let's see how long Turbo Bro Jock lasts in Glendale.

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