Everyone Returning To Killing Eve Season 2 & A Few New, Mysterious Faces

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first season of Killing Eve
The season one finale of Killing Eve left fans with so many unanswered questions. Will things escalate between Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) after their last encounter? Who exactly are The Twelve, and what do they want? Will we ever learn where Carolyn Martens' true allegiances lie? And, most importantly, who can we expect to see in the cast of Killing Eve season two?
We don't have all of the answers (yet), but we do know this: Eve and Villanelle are at it again — and their drama picks up immediately where it left off (36 seconds, to be exact), which means things are going to be action-packed and, well, probably bloody. If you'll recall, Villanelle narrowly escaped death after Eve stabbed her in the abdomen in Villanelle's Paris apartment during what was otherwise a sweet encounter in the finale. This means season two will likely open up with the aftermath of said stabbing, with Villanelle on the run and Eve recovering from her impulsive decision.
Our leads' problems don't end there, however. Eve is also grappling with the loss of her job (though, the trailers indicate that she does spend a lot of time back in the MI6 offices) and the potential demise of her relationship with Niko (Owen McDonnell). Meanwhile, Villanelle is on the outs with The Twelve after shooting Konstantin, and, according to a press release, Villanelle is in yet another assassin's crosshairs in the second series. Needless to say, some major changes are on the horizon.
"There's a duality and a sense of self-examination — both women learning a lot about who they are," Killing Eve executive producer Emerald Fennell told Entertainment Weekly. "We're starting to see the mirror-image similarities between them, for the good and the bad. What does it look like when a psychopath starts to learn how to feel things, and when a woman who's incredibly empathetic and intuitive starts to lose those parts of herself? At what point do they meet?"
Of course, all of this drama doesn't mean that our leading ladies have to sacrifice their style — save for that time Villanelle has to don Crocs in the Killing Eve season two trailer. The cast will still look fabulous as hell, thanks to some stellar hair and fashion styling.
While we don't know the identity of this mysterious hitman, we do know that some of our favourite Killing Eve cast members are back, and they'll be joined by a handful of exciting newcomers.
Killing Eve season 2 starts on BBC America on 14th April and will air in the UK later this year

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