8 Jewellery Trends That Will Be Big This Spring

Jewellery can sometimes feel like an afterthought. Whether a pearl necklace or a colourful bracelet, jewellery is usually the last item we add to our looks. And more often than not, we skip it all together. I only recently started taking out my everyday earrings and choosing a different pair based on my outfit.
Jewellery trends are even harder to navigate. They're quieter than clothing trends and they can take a few seasons to stick. But this spring, jewellery is enjoying an extra fun, extra colourful, extra extra revival.
We have emerging jewellery brands to thank for what I'm calling The Great Jewels Renaissance. From rainbow necklaces to "I can hear the ocean" shell earrings, designers are proving that jewellery can be just as fun as clothing. Pile on the jewels without having to consider yourself a maximalist! Wear pearls even though you don't live in Kensington! The world is literally your oyster.
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