Here's The Trailer For Netflix's Next Addictive YA Thrill Ride, The Rain

This past winter, Netflix’s time-jumping international thriller Dark took us by surprise. Then, we were blindsided by the dazzling majesty that is Babylon Berlin, the German language drama that gave us both sexy, sexy 1920s BDSM dungeons and a harsh look at the rise of Adolf Hitler. But, we will not be caught unaware by the streaming giant’s next obsession-worthy European series.
That is why we’re telling you about Netflix's The Rain, which has been shrouded in Nordic mystery for months, right now. The Scandinavian teen thriller, which officially just got a Friday, May 4, premiere date, follows a group of young people in search of life after a deadly virus has wiped out all of civilisation as we know it. As the title suggests, the fatal disease was spread by something as supposedly harmless as the rain. Now, these last remaining survivors, two of whom have just decided to leave their futuristic-looking bunker after six years in hiding, must fight to stay alive in Netflix’s first Danish original series. Yes, that means subtitles will be necessary here, but they will be worth it.
While the fate of Rain's characters sounds fairly depressing, the exclusive trailer for the upcoming young adult drama, seen below, proves sexy teens will be sexy teens, whether the apocalypse is nigh or not. Because, as we see in the preview, the complete collapse of society does at least leave you with the freedom to do anything you desire.
In the sneak peek, one of the poor young souls of Rain explains tragedy was never supposed to befall Scandinavia, a region made up of the scientifically-proven top happiest countries on Earth. So, when the apocalypse arrived, “We were the least prepared,” an unidentified young woman says in voiceover. This new world order leads to lots of shirtless makeouts, blue-hued teenage angst, sobbing, and violence. Oh, and running, so much running. Essentially, think The 100 meets Dark, with a dash of Riverdale to boot.
So, watch the full-length trailer below to find out why our dystopian future just might be made of blissful hookups and panicked, forest-set cardio. Please try not to be too suspicious of the next rainstorm you find yourself in.
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